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These various articles and photographs are reproduced from various defunct Victorian and other publications.

Black and White Budget Jan-Mar 1900 - Photographs

The Black and White Budget was a weekly magazine that covered the Boer War.  Lots of photographs.

Black and White Budget

Scottish Highlands - Highland clans and Regiments

Regimental histories of  some Highland Regiments from the Victorian partwork.

Please take note of the caution on the index page.

Highland Regiments


Various odds and ends.


As mentioned on the home page Lt Colonel Ian McCulloch has written a history of Highland Regiments in North America.

 Three proud Highland regiments fought in North America during the Seven Year's War - the 77th Foot (Montgomery's Highlanders), the 78th Foot (Fraser's Highlanders), and the famous Black Watch, more correctly known at the time as the Royal Highland Regiment. Undoubtedly, their exploits in some of the most bloody battles on the North American continent were a critical factor in transforming the overall image of Highlanders from Jacobite rebels to Imperial heroes in the latter half of the 18th century.  But the everyday story of these regiments - how they trained, worked, played, fought and died from their own point of view - has never been seriously told.  

Sons of the Mountains: A History of the Highland regiments in North America during the French & Indian War, 1756-1767, is a two-volume set due to be co-published Spring 2006 by Purple Mountain Press and the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. 

Without a doubt, SOTM is the most complete and informative work on the history of early Highland regiments of the British army in North America to date and will be published in Spring 2006.To learn more about the author and for a sneak preview of the Introduction and excerpts from both volumes of Sons of the Mountains go to

Further details can be found at Purple Mountain Press website at or write for details at: Purple Mountain Press, Ltd., PO Box 309, Fleischmann's, NY, 12430-0309. Phone: 1-845-254-4062.

Other internet resources.

Where better to go than the National Army Museum.  Lots of advice and some information.

Just doing research on a family member?  Try the National Archives. Medal rolls for WW1 were added to the site in 2004 so you might be one of the lucky ones who has an ancestor whose record survived.  War diaries from 1914-1919 for some units are also available from this site.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission list military and some civilian casualties on their site.  This includes details of the cemeteries too.

Stuck on a bit of research? Not sure who to turn too? The people on this group don't do family history as a rule.  But if you have a question on British, Commonwealth and Indian Army Regiments try The British Regiments discussion group on Yahoo! for the answers to most questions.  Avoid questions on the RN and RAF as they can get a bit crotchety, this after all is an Army list.

Always useful for the odd gem the online edition of Soldier magazine is worth reading for what is current.

This site has some super photographs of nineteenth century British and Indian Armies and their soldiers.  Have a look and you might find an ancestor.

Another very good site for military images is Roger Capewell's Military Images.  A good number of photographs and some links to other sites.  Roger is also the author of 'Military Badges for Collectors and historians' and has reproduced images of cap badges on his Military badge identification web site.

Good luck in your endeavours.