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A collection of old letters (or backs of postcards)

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Houghton and Dowson letters  Houghton and Dowson letters
This is a separate page for a number of related letters.

Letter from Charles Moore to his brother dated 1682 Charles Moore
A letter touching on a sick brother, a sister in York and Sir John Moore Lord Mayor of London and brother to both.

Letter from John Moore to his brother Charles and his cousin Thomas dated 1695 London 1695
A letter concerning family health, building his school and losses due to the French from the former Lord Mayor of London.

Letter from Harrington to Hoxton dated 1699 Harrington 1699
A letter concerning money, illness and starvation from A Hall to her sister Anne Newell. Mention of Sir William Massingberd.

Letter from Edinburgh to Arbroath dated 1791 Edinburgh 1791
Personal letter mentioning business, scandal and a Presbyterian from St Croix from George Aitkin to his brother John.

Letter from London to Hawkhurst dated 1792 London 1792
Personal letter mentioning property from Charles Burrell Massingberd to Miss Lewis.

Undated Valentine to Ware, Hertfordshire; Ware Valentine
A valentine poem to Eliza Pearson in Ware. Dodgy doggerel.

Letter to Kensington dated 1801  London 1792
Personal letter from an Elizabeth Carter to a friend.

Letter from Cambridge to Richmond in Yorkshire dated 1805 Cambridge 1805
Letter written by T W Morley to his sister with fears of French invasion, slightly weird declaration of love for a professor.

Letter from John Morris asking about the headship of Rugby School dated 1806 Chiswick letter
A letter requesting details of how to apply for the post of headmaster of Rugby school.

Letter from Lincoln Inn, London to Ledbury Herefordshire reference forced eviction dated 1808 Ledbury 1808
Legal proceedings, stacks of names but refers in the main to Peter Peaceable and Benjamin Archer.

Letter from Glasgow to Liverpool reference business in British Guyana dated 1818 Glasgow 1808
Business, ships named, insurance inventories, mention of slaves and gossip.

Two letters from Thirsk to Wakefield, reference money troubles dated 1815 Thirsk 1815
E. D'Oyly, who has major money problems, writes to his solicitors, twice.

Letter from Clonmel to Glasgow dated 1822 Clonmel 1822
Letter written by Major J McNair to his mother thanking her for paying for his majority and with news of a move.

Letter from Castle Bromwich to Weston Shiffnal 1824 Shiffnal 1824
Letter written by Capt. Hon Orlando Bridgeman to his mother and father, the Earl of Bradford, from his sickbed.

Letter from the Overseers of the Poor in Leyton dated 1829 Leyton 1829
The bill for the Pauper Robert Morgan and the funeral furniture of his late wife.

Letter from Bath to Bradford dated 1830 Bath 1830>
Very religious letter about a sick brother mention of the King of Tonga and missionaries.

Letter from Samuel Sandbach Jnr at Eton dated 1835 Eton 1835
Samuel was the son of Samuel Sandbach of Sandbach Tinne & Co, one time mayor of Liverpool.

Letter from Herne Bay, Kent to Aberdeen dated 1842 Herne bay 1842
The Victorians favourite subjects, legacies and trusts!

Letter from Myddelton Street London about money and death dated 1843 Myddelton 1841
Charles Alexander Spilsbury to Samuel Everett.

Letter from Craze Lowman, Devon reference Pileywell dated 1846 Craze Lowman 1846
A letter declining a tenancy on behalf of his son from Nathaniel Cook

Letter from Nottingham to Fleckney, Leicestershire dated 1846 Nottingham 1846
Two recipes, nothing else.

Letter from Taunton about a new job and a loan dated 1851 Taunton 1851
To George Lane of Cirencester, who might be the workhouse master, from James Pitt

Letter from Trekenning, St Columb, Cornwall to Hurworth on Tees dated 1857 Trekenning 1857
Letter written by Charles Watkins Merriman reference the death of his aunt.

Letter from Chorely to Brinnington, reference a troublesome servant dated 1868 Chorley 1868
Lovely handwriting, Eleanor Fowden to John Fowden.

Letter from Stamford Hill to Cairo,  dated 1903 Stamford Hill 1903
A love letter.