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Pillowell and it's neighbours

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Where I live and if I say so a pleasant place.


Where does Yorkley finish and Pillowell start?  30 yards from my front door!


Dabtown down the hill and up, just past the Swan.


1 Mile through the woods, I can do it with my eyes closed, nearly.  My eyes nearly closed that is.

Moseley Green

Not a village, hardly a hamlet, but they have a pub.

Coming and going, changing landscapes

Alas poor bakery, I knew him vaguely, Whitecroft station arises from the ashes.  

Not a neighbour of Pillowell, but put on to keep Simon happy.


Other internet resources

The area covered by Parkend Church Parish

A listing of the Kelly's Directory for 1914 covering Parkend, Whitecroft and Pillowell



For background history, from the "A History of the County of Gloucester", try these two links.  Both have some very informative stuff about Pillowell, Yorkley, Whitecroft, Parkend and the other hamlets hereabouts.

A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume V
Bledisloe Hundred, St. Briavels Hundred, The Forest of Dean

26 Forest of Dean - Settlement

30 Forest of Dean - Social life

Village Pubs

There is a very good site which lists a lot of the now lost pubs of Gloucestershire. Well worth a visit. Gloucestershire pubs


Although I live here (we moved here at the end of my service career) I have absolutely no family links to the area and cannot really tell you anything about the local families.  Try this site for local family history research. Lots of links to other web resources.

Yorkley, Parkend, Ellwood, Whitecroft, Pillowell, Bream & The Eaves Links