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These histories were taken from Victorian Partwork "Scottish Highlands - Highland clans and Regiments". Herein lies a further problem. This work was based in part on the work of Stewart of Garth.

This chap was partly responsible for the Victorian Highland revival and sought to show the Highlanders in the very best light. Furthermore, much of the anecdotal material is pure myth. Stewart collected many of his stories from "old soldiers", and old soldiers, as old soldiers such as I know,  are oft inclined to gild the lily, as well as mount jewels on it. The warning is, take the stories with a pinch of salt and the character of the Highlanders may not have been quite as Stewart painted it. I am indebted to Ian Macpherson McCulloch (Lt Col retired and a former CO of The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada) for putting me on track over these histories.

Please note these histories are transcribed as is and apart from spelling mistakes I cannot be held responsible for any errors in detail or omissions. They are not my own research or work.

Highland Regiment Index

Aberdeenshire Regiment - 1777-83 Formed, went to Ireland came home and disbanded

Athole Highlanders - 1778-83 Raising of the Regiment - Ireland - Mutiny - Disbanded

The Black Watch - 1759-1869 42nd Royal Highland Regiment.

Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment - 1775-83 An interesting regiment formed by emigrants living in North America.

Johnstone's Highlanders - 1760-1763 The One Hundred and First Regiment.

Keith's and Campbell's Highlanders - 1759-1763 The Old Eighty-Seventh And Eighty-Eighth Regiments who fought in Germany.

Loudon's Highlanders - 1745-1748 Short lived regiment that fought at Bergen-op-Zoom.

Lord MacLeod's Highlanders - 1777-1874 71st Or Glasgow Highland Light Infantry.

Montgomery's Highlanders - 1757-1763 Fought against the French in North America.

Eighty-Ninth Highland Regiment - 1759 - 1765 Raised to fight in India.

Fencible Corps - A list of the fencible regiments raised, plus an explanation of what they are.